Finished Butterfly-Dragonfly Wings from VIP Sale

A couple months ago roughly, I had a special VIP offer exclusively for my mailing list subscribers, these 2 made to order painted butterfly-dragonfly wings.

One customer chose a blue color scheme for her wings, shown above

The other customer chose purple and pink, shown above.
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I won’t be making these again if I can help it - these dragonfly wings nearly give me blisters when I heat laminate them by hand, and I also prefer to work on my own designs. These at least had an original paint job which brought them more into the realm of fantasy.

Oh and because I know the question will come along, yes I AM working on some Carnival Row inspired fairy wings for pix cosplayers out there :)

Dark Crystal, Gelfling Inspired Fairy Wings in a New Color!

That’s right! A new color, a sort of transparent black/blue with a blue/violet/teal shine and I’m in love!
They made me think of rogue gelfling and a certain scene in the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

My Goblin Princess fairy wing design done in a more skeksis aesthetic, with a new transparent black / violet / blue iridescent film that I think I might nam call 'Dark Crystal' if I'm allowed because it's the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

More on this soon, but I’ve had a hell of a time getting the video to upload right and it is late, there will be more on this soon ;)

More Giant Fairy Wings Listing Tomorrow Morning!

That’s right, tomorrow morning, Saturday August 31 at 8am PST in addition to the giant wings advertised yesterday, these two will also be available! First, a set of giant Amy Brown licensed Bubble Rider fairy wings in Aquamarine with candy coat gold veining!

A new giant hybrid set will also be available - Fauna wings but with Elvina bottom panels, done in Ultraviolet with silver veining.

They remind me a bit of the fairy that gets hit with a blast of fairy poison in Labyrinth, which was one of my big fairy wing inspirations as a kid - which reminds me, The Dark Crystal prequel series starts on Netflix tonight right?!! I am SO excited! We get to see a whole bunch of gelfling girls with WINGS! :D

These will all come with the additional hardware to make the wings infinitely adjustable / rotatable, although note that due to the much larger size of these, they might not be able to handle as much movement or repeated rotating without drooping so you may want to keep a wrench & screwdriver handy anyway just in case you need to tighten the nut.

I’m not sure if I’ll be squeezing more wings into this sale batch or not, if so it will probably be repeat styles and colors unless I really work some magic.
Remember, be ready at the start time, and here’s a link straight to the wing shop: