Giant Fairy Wings Going on Sale!

That’s right, just a few sets of giant sized wings will be be listed at 8am Pacific Time this Saturday, August 31!

Today, let me show you the giant Elvina wings in Lilac with silver veining.

These wings will all have the fully posable functionality as well, so you will be able to position and rotate the wing panels into any position you like, they can rotate 360 degrees around! Not that I recommend all of those obviously, but now the panels can even be positioned independently of each other and you won’t need to un-screw anything! Simply grab them and move to your preferred position, and that’s it!
I have a video showing you just how easy it is, using a set of XL/giant Datura painted wings - but I’m trying to keep those so you can’t have them ;P)

Stay tuned for the next set to be announced within the next 24 hours.