Mother of Pearl Dragon Wings

This was a special order for my friend Elizabeth Johnson, who will be wearing these beauties to the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade ball next month. She is having a Dark Pearl costume made by Fairytas, and a Light Pearl dragon gown made by DarkSpectre Couture.
These are made from the older Draconia design I used to make, but now doubled and made convertible.
The Dark Pearl has black velvet flocking on the edges and they’ve been digitally hand painted.


Next is the Light Pearl Dragon set, made with a hybrid film of the Satin White and Lilac, with Opal foil edge design and hand inked directly on the film.


I went a little nuts with the edge designs, and they are the largest ones I’ve done so far with the most complexity. They are my own original decorative designs that I created in Illustrator.
If you’d like to see the process of making the embellishments BTS (not including the actual vector work) you can see that if you are a patron of mine at any level, on Patreon, here: