Frequently Asked Questions

Everything is sold out, how do I buy wings?
Fancy Fairy wings are now sold ready to ship through my Shopify store HERE. Photos of available items are posted on the News page, mailing list & my social media channels along with sale dates and times, so be sure to follow those. When on the Shop page of, click the Fancy Fairy Shop button under the paragraph beneath the main menu in order to get to the Shopify store to see all new items in the flash sale. Please note I am not currently accepting orders with rare exceptions.
Be ready right at start time, as quantities are limited and tend to sell out quickly, sometimes within minutes.

How are the fairy wings worn?
Fancy Fairy wings can be worn with the included clear elastic straps, ideally worn under a layer of clothing to hide the brace and make them look more ‘real’. The new brace design is more decorative though so it doesn’t have to be hidden and has slots for elastic or ribbon straps. Because of the 'U' brace, they can also be slipped into any very snug and supportive fitting garment (like a corset) without the straps.

What is your return policy?
Due to the seasonal nature of costume items, There are NO RETURNS on wings or headdresses and accessories, except in the case of defect or damage in transit, in which case a claim must be filed. Small imperfections such as bubbles, wrinkles, etc. are due to the handmade nature of these items which are made with materials originally made for other crafts.

How do I care for my wings?
Though Fancy Fairy wings are not quite as fragile as they may look, they are not indestructible. Think of them as wearable art or oversized jewelry and handle them with care. If they get dirty, wipe down with a cloth dampened with soapy water. If that doesn’t remove the stain, you can try a little rubbing alcohol, 70% would be better than 90% so as not to damage the glossy surface.

Keep them away from extreme heat and don’t leave them in a hot car. If they must be in a hot environment like that, make sure they are packed flat with nothing poking at the film - if left too long with anything pressing against film in the open spaces between the veins, it could form a blemish or bump that might not go away.
Painted wings especially may have a tendency to curl at the edges in heat or humidity, so take special care with those.
If something like that happens or you get some wrinkling you don’t like, you can try to heat the film again with either a hair dryer or a heat gun (on the lowest setting) and smooth it down with a gloved hand.

Extreme cold may do the opposite and make the film a tad more brittle and prone to tearing so take care in any extreme temperature situation.

My wings are water resistant, and, although the single-color wings have successfully been used in underwater shoots, I can’t guarantee that painted wings will survive unharmed.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?
Yes, you will likely be responsible for any duties and taxes upon receipt of your package. Please note that there may be customs delays so please inform me of any urgent deadlines. An upgrade in shipping method or carrier may be necessary.

Can you lower the value of my order or mark it as 'gift' on the customs form?
No, that would be falsification of the customs form, which carries heavy penalties. If I lied on the customs form I could actually lose the privilege of international shipping completely.

Can you teach me how to make your wings?
I now have a tutorial available for making an economy version of iridescent wings! Available HERE! I plan on making more tutorials, and my Patreon patrons will get the exclusive early access before they are released to the public. If you’d like to support me on Patreon and be first to see new content, click HERE

How do I care for my wings?
If your wings get dirty, simply wipe them with a damp cloth and mild soap. They are water resistant but I can't guarantee waterproof if submerged. If the membrane has gotten wrinkled, you can use a hairdryer or a heat gun on a low setting, and carefully heat the film, then simply smooth them out while wearing a heat protective glove (an oven mitt works fine!) If possible, store your wings flat. Keep bends rounded, too much sharp bending may eventually weaken the metal and they may snap.

How long does it take to receive my wings?
Now that I make my wings ready to ship, your wings should arrive in roughly a week after ordering if in the U.S., or a week and a half to two weeks if outside the U.S. Everything is shipped via US Postal Priority Mail, with insurance unless otherwise requested.

There are a few small bubbles or wrinkles in the film, is this normal ?
Yes, small imperfections like bubbles or wrinkles are normal and will not detract from the look of your wings.

Do you make wings for children?
Technically no, due to the safety issues with wings made with a metal frame. However, customers have purchased wings for their children to wear under supervision or for photography.

Can I get your wings in different sizes, or a custom design?
A different size of an existing wing would be a custom order, and currently commissions and custom orders are closed until further notice except for rare circumstances.

Can you sponsor my photo shoot with a set of wings?
Since I am a small company and independent artist I do need reimbursement for my time and materials. I am not currently donating wings, and I am not set up properly for rentals since I don’t have a stand-alone merchant account that can place a damage deposit hold on wings sent. However I would love to see how you've used wings you have purchased from me.
A true collaboration however, where I can be present and involved with the shoot may be possible if you will be doing it in the SF Bay Area of California or if it will take place in another location I am able to get to.

Can I call you on the phone?
For many reasons I prefer communicating via email. All correspondence are preferred in email form so that no information is lost or forgotten to protect both you and me. I may provide a phone number in some circumstances if absolutely necessary, such as when working with a rush order that requires immediate alert or in any case where it is impossible for a customer to communicate via email.

Can I use your photos for my art piece or project, or can I post it online?
All content in this site and associated sites are © and Angela Jarman. Do not use and show publicly or redistribute without written permission except for the purposes of review or to share, in which case full credit and a link back must be included. I do sell a few digital wings overlay files here in this store if you are looking for stock wings.

Fancy Fairy Wings & Things reserves the right to refuse service due to limited ability or resources, time constraints or unreasonable demands / harassment.