Angela Jarman, Owner / Designer

Owner and designer, Angela Jarman


Welcome to fairyland.

I create original designs in the form of fairy wings and accessories formed from my vision of what I've always thought fairies would look like.  My background in professional fairy and princess parties got me started in making my own costumes and eventually, wings that I would eventually offer to the public.

I started selling iridescent fairy wings when there were none yet on the market, because I wanted wings that looked like they could have been plucked from a real fairy. Movies such as The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth were big inspirations in creating  fairy wings that seemed authentic and 'real'.  After finding a tiny set of iridescent insect wings that had been separated from their owner in a dog's fur that I was pet sitting for, I was inspired to make real life costume wings with that look. My very first set for myself was a bit clumsy, made of thin floral wire, film vinyl, tape and a wooden block based harness. My how they've evolved! My wire wings went through a few variations before finally creating the frames out of aluminum sheet cut directly from my own files, and is still the format I use today.
Born, raised, and still living in the Bay Area of California
I have been making and selling fairy wings for 16 years.

I currently work mostly alone, with occasional help when needed and for tech work on light up and moving wings. I've branched out into crowns and headdresses, and hope to continue developing new shiny things that have not previously existed. Since I now concentrate more on elaborately detailed designs and developing new techniques, I have started offering tutorials and peeks behind the scenes on my Patreon. If it makes you feel magical, then I've done my job well.

I can be contacted at:

You can find me on Facebook as Fancy Fairy Wings & Things! , on Instagram as fancyfairyangela and on Tumblr as fancyfairywings.

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