New October Wings Sale, Another New Color!!

On Monday, Oct. 14 at 9pm Pacific, I’ll have these wings listed for sale.
The first is the Elvina design, in another new color that is sort of a more sheer version of Poison Apple. I’m going to call it Autumn Night :) The veining is the Candy Coat Gold.

Next, are the Nightshade wings, which is a design based on my older Kira design, which was loosely inspired by Kira the gelfling’s wings in the original Dark Crystal movie.
So naturally, I had to make these in the new Dark Crystal color with silver veins and added some little tatters and holes just as I did for the Elvina wings. Deet cosplay anyone?

Finally there are the Fauna fairy wings in Aquamarine with Candy Gold Veining.

All are the convertible type that can be put in the open or resting position and anything in between now, with rubber washer hardware that makes it possible to pose them on the fly!
Remember to be ready right on time in my Fancy Fairy Shopify store, as wings go quickly especially this time of year.