Goblin Princess Fairy Wings in Aqua Added to Saturday's Sale

These Goblin Princess wings, done in the Aquamarine film with pearl veining will be added to Saturday’s sale at 11am PST! Like the Trinkets, there will be 2 available for each listing.

More Trinkets will be available, and that might be it for Saturday unless I can fit in a hair accessory or two. The sale after that will have a bigger variety. Remember, be ready right at the start time for your best chance at getting a set.

Galactic Goblin Fairy Wings

These wings have been hand inked to look like what you might see in deep space, in a forming galaxy of newborn stars. A few star shaped holes and tatters have been cut into the film, and the veining is the newer and fancier candy coat gold.
The base film is the Aquamarine so they have a fabulous green / blue shine, especially on the back.
They will be listed some time in the near future, but coming down with a cold wrecked my plans of being done with more wings today so I am waiting to announce the sale date until I have everything done.
Since this world is a bit upside down for us this past month, spacing out a little and focusing on the stars makes it more manageable.