More Wings -& New Colors - Added to the Sept. 26 Flash Sale!

That’s right, more new colors are being added!
These Ivy fairy wings below are done in a new color that is a black/grey/blue undertone, with a red/orange shine that shifts to green! They will be $252 each.

I’m still trying to decide what to call it, Poison Apple? What do you think?
My other ideas were:
Deep Forest
Autumn Night
Autumn Leaves
Pumpkin Spice
You can also see a video of them to get an even better idea:

It’s not the only new color though!
These Sintra wings below were done in a new light green iridescent, with a bright yellow/green base and green/blue shine. I need to pick a color name for them too, though I guess Light Green could do the trick but it’s not as exciting.
Emerald? Peridot? Hmm…
These will be $271 each.

I’ll also have these Pansy wings in Rose Gold with gold veining, $275 each

Lastly I’ll have a set of Trinket wings with gold veins, for $265.

Apologies for not having all the photos of the Trinket wings! But, you know what these babies look like by now right? It’s a convertible set, as all of them are :)
So be ready, tomorrow morning at 7am Pacific Daylight Savings Time! California time? I guess I’ve been referring to it as Pacific Standard and others refer to it as Pacific Daylight, so yes it will be 7am with Daylight Savings Time, which honestly I wish would just go away RIGHT??
Remember, be ready right at the start time, and if you need a shortcut here’s the Shop link: