Flash Sale Tomorrow, Wed. May 29 at 8:30pm!

Small wing sale ahead! Tomorrow, Wednesday May 29 at 8:30pm Pacific.
Not many sets but don’t worry, more are always on the way and I’ve been working on more accessory wings & things that will be in a different sale.
I also have an announcement - the Aynia wings are now convertible!
Just one set in this sale, painted in a palette I’m calling Grapevine. Wine, fuchsias and purples on the iridescent Lilac base with black veins. There is a subtle organic veiny pattern in the painting.

Next are the Ivy wings, this time in Patina Green with pearl white veining. There will be two sets of these in the same colors.

Last will be the Elvina wings, and there will be two sets… sort of. I accidentally cut the upper panels a little bit differently than usual, so one set will have a slightly spikier bottom of the upper panel. The photos below show those, and that set will be slightly discounted.