One More Surprise! Fairy Friday Sale Tonight at 9pm

2 more very special sets of fairy wings will be listing tonight, Friday April 5 at 9pm Pacific Standard Time.
First, the wing twin of the ‘Phoenix’ Aquatica fairy wings that were recently used in the collaborative shoot with Yiaz Yang, Lumecluster, Dark Garden Corsetry and Olivia Chiu.
Featuring my digital hand painted color pattern applied to the Ocean Sunset iridescent film, and embellished at the tips with variegated metal leaf and Swarovski crystals.

Next are the Giant Pansy Gwen fairy wings. These wings are huge! At the widest point (the tails) they measure 71 inches across. I couldn’t get them all in the frame from the back! These would be great for an experienced actor or for photo shoots, or events with wide open spaces. However since they are convertible like all the others now, they can be positioned resting down against your back if the crowd gets tight. They are done in the clear Diamond Fire iridescent film with Pearl White veins.

And that’s it! Again, tonight at 9pm PST in my Shopify store here: