Spring is Here! Fairy Wing Flash Sale

I thought I would start off spring 2019 with some fresh light colored wings, evocative of the first blossoms springing up on fruit trees. Starting with the Elvina design, done in a peachy Rose Gold iridescent film with white pearl veining.


The second set is the Pansy design, done in a minty Patina Green iridescent film reminiscent of newly sprouting leaves.

The sale will be Monday evening, March 25th, at 8pm Pacific Standard Time in the usual place in my Shopify store. There will be 2 sets listed of each of the designs for more opportunities to get your wings - and less time taking photos for me ;)
Which springtime colors would you like to see?
More to come so keep a look out over the weekend for more photos, and sign up for the mailing list to insure you stay notified of upcoming offers. Mailing list link is HERE