All That Flitters is Gold

More fairy wings with Candy Gold veining added to the flash sale tomorrow, Saturday Feb. 16 at 6am PST!
First, the Aquatica wings in Opal, which is a hybrid of the Satin White and Ultraviolet iridescent films that I fused together. It is a slightly more opaque whitish film with soft pink / peach, greens and violet/blue shine. The front is a bit more subtle and the back is more glossy.

Next we have the Ivy wings in iridescent Satin White.

A set of Ellette fairy wings will also be available, in the Ultraviolet film. This film color with this style just seems so perfect as fairy godmother wings, dontcha think?

Finally, this simple set in Clear Diamond Fire - look familiar? It’s the Aynia bottom panels, made as the new convertible style wings! I ended up with extra lower panels and I’m not sure how many I will make like this, as I converted these by hand by snipping off the ‘leg’ of the panels and drilling holes into it so it could be screwed into the new brace as a simpler set of wings for those who are budget conscious. I’m calling them Econo Aynia.

That’s it for tomorrow’s sale! I ran out of time for the two fancier sets I had planned, so those painted and embellished ones will be available next week. Unlike the last few sales I won’t have 2 of each set unfortunately but a whole new batch is being cut so a lot more is coming your way.
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