3 More Fairy Wing Styles for Sale Tonight at 10pm Pacific!

Tonight at 10pm Pacific Central Time, these 3 new convertible fairy wing styles will also be available along with the Fauna wings posted about yesterday!
They are the Datura in Berry, Ivy in Patina Green and the Sintra painted with a subtle mottled plum fading along the edges, meaning that one also has a double layer of vinyl. All with black veins, and all can be positioned in the downward resting position by removing the bottom screw from the brace.
Again, there will be a 2 item limit for this sale per customer, and there is a 12 item limit per customer per year. However, after the first half hour those limits are lifted. They usually don't stay up more than ten minutes though so make sure you're ready by the start time.
Photos of the new additions below.