More Celestial Pretties!

Sale tomorrow night, Tuesday August 28 at 9pm Pacific Central Time!

The Galactic Goblin wings I posted Thursday will be listed for sale along with the new Stellar Salome set of fairy wings and winged hair combs (sold as a set), as well as a set of Aphrodite winged hair combs. I may be able to squeeze another wing set in before tomorrow night but I'm still getting over this cold so I'm not promising.
*Note that since sales have been small, I'm limiting customers to no more than 12 sets of wings purchased in a year, and limit of 1 of any type of item per customer for this sale for the first half hour.
For example, 1 wing set and 1 hair accessory per customer.
If, after 30 minutes have passed and the item is still available, all those restrictions are lifted.
I just want to make sure enough people get their wings while I'm trying to figure out how to ramp up production without sacrificing creativity & quality or having to become a boss.

Below are some images of the new celestial goodies, and again the shop link is here

I tried mixing the silver chrome veins with the marbled gold leaf and filigree accents, plus lots of Swarovski crystals in the front✨ 
Any that are on the film are transparent, so they also sparkle from the back, but the filigree tips are on both sides.
The back is not painted, but is transparent so the painting in front can still be seen at some angles. It's also the most iridescent, like a blue Morpho 🦋
I've digitally hand painted stellar scenes, nebulae and stars laminated to the Aquamarine iridescent film base.
The winged hair comb set that will be sold individually is the Aphrodite wing style painted in teal, blue and indigo with a Swarovski blue oval crystal in a silver setting at the base.

Below are the Aphrodite Oceanic winged hair combs, painted in teals and indigo with silver veins and Swarovski crystals, as well as an Aynia / Morgana lower panel  hybrid of fairy wings with clear Diamond Fire film and pearl white veining.