A Special Sale for 2 Very Fancy Fairy Wings

2 Very Embellished Fancy Fairy Wings Will Be Available For Auction Today!

For the first time in years, I'll be offering these auction style on eBay, user name the_fancy_fairy.
Don't worry, this is just a special thing for these 2 sets and although I may use eBay again for the fanciest creations, I will be having my usual sales on my Shopify site.
A percentage of the sale for these 2 wings, which I'm calling 'Gilded Siren' (1st row in blue/green) and 'Rose Gold Reverie' (2nd row in rose gold/blush) will go to RAICES, to help free the families being detained under 45's cruel Zero Tolerance policy.
If I didn't currently need some overdue dental work and some other snags hitting this week, I would increase that percentage, as you know it's an issue that concerns me greatly and I have already donated to that organization a couple times.

Here is the link to my account's listings which go live today at 3pm PST, Monday July 16, and I'll update this if needed. Auction will end at 3pm Pacific Standard Time Tuesday July 17 https://www.ebay.com/usr/the_fancy_fairy

Good luck!