Doll & Accessory Fairy Wings Sale This Saturday!

Sale 4/21/18 With First Time Ever Doll Wings

Aphrodite 5 inch Doll Wings in Tea Rose with Brass Veins

Many of you have been asking for years, and at long last I am now offering loose doll sized mini fairy wings! This Saturday, April 21 at 6am PST. Add them to your dolls, or make your own hair accessories by attaching them to clips or combs, you can make jewelry with them, whatever you can imagine! Since the veining frames are made of brass, they can be soldered at the base to any other metal components.
To attach them to this MC2 Ember Evergreen doll, I simply drilled a couple tiny holes into the back of the doll, and attached the wings using screws. The base of each wing panel has a hole in it for this attachment method, which allows you to also rotate the wings into either an up or down position.
The photo shows the largest mini wing, Aphrodite in Tea Rose, with each upper panel measuring 5 inches from the base to the tip.
Below are the smaller Salome and Vivienne mini wings, upper panels measuring 3 and 3/4 inches, and just over 3 and 1/2 inches, plus a mini 3.5 inch Aphrodite with silver nickel veins, a 5 inch Morgana and Salome with brass veins and another set of Vivienne 3.5 inch wings with silver nickel veins. 

These little wings will be shipped loose, so you'll get 4 pieces - 2 upper panels and 2 lower panels. These are all painted designs, and the metal vein frames are .010" thick.
I'm also adding 5 inch doll wing sets of the Salome and Morgana styles, as well as 3.5 inch sets of the Aphrodite wings and another Vivienne. Pricing will range from $52 to $79.

These will all be shipped loose, as 4 pieces - two upper and two lower panels for each wing set.
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The sale will happen here