Painted Goblin Princess Wings Inspired by the Lilac Breasted Roller Bird & Ellette Wings Added!

These Goblin Princess wings were inspired by the color palette of the feathers of the Lilac Breasted Roller bird!

I messed with this painting quite a bit, trying to stick to the palette of the feathers with a little artistic license. I gave up on being too exact as far as placement and just tried to make sure the spirit of the feathers was captured although the brightness of the Diamond Fire film makes them maybe a bit more colorful than the plumage.

Then we have the Ellette wings, which have been upgraded to the convertible style, done in clear Diamond Fire with black veins. Like the others posted in the previous few days, there will be 2 of those available, but just one of the Goblin Princess painted wings.

The sale starts in less than a half hour! Make sure you’ve got the shopping page bookmarked, here is the link: