Sale This Friday at 12pm PST, Pansy and Aquatica Fairy Wings

Ready for more fairy wings? This Friday December 14 at noon, Pacific Time, I’ll have standard clear Diamond Fire & black veining color combo of the newest 4 wings from the 2018 Ethereal Collection. I will now be listing 2 of the same wings in each listing. This will hopefully improve production by decreasing the time I have been spending taking and editing photos for every single wing set.
First up are the Pansy convertible fairy wings, which were inspired by Art Nouveau jewelry and stained glass.

Next we have the Aquatica fairy wings, I had sirens and water fae in mind while designing these.

More will be added so make sure you’re signed up for the mailing list or following the social media accounts closely for what will be available. And remember, there will be 2 of everything this time!