More Chameleon Cherry Violet Veined Fairy Wings

I haven’t set a date yet, I’m waiting to complete a couple more sets first but here are 2 more fairy wing sets with Chameleon Cherry Violet veins that change from black to violet to greenish gold. Both are from the new convertible 2018 Ethereal Collection with detachable panels that can be rotated and put in a closed resting position.
The Ivy wings in the top row have been made with a hybrid iridescent film combination! I used the Rose Gold and Lilac films to make a gorgeous film that has even more color that changes depending on the viewing angle. Tones of peachy orange, pink, violet, and touches of blue & green can be seen, with the orangey colors more visible on the back.

The Sintra fairy wings were done with the Ultraviolet film, which is the most transparent one and so ethereal looking next to the color changing veins.

Still more wings are being made, so keep watching and make sure you’re on the mailing list to get the most current updates! There is a signup widget on the right of this page if you’re on a desktop computer, or at the bottom if on mobile.