Flash Sale Tomorrow, Sunday Oct. 21 at 8pm PST - Embellished Fairy Wings

Gilded and Crystal Encrusted Celestial Datura Convertible Fairy Wings

I took a considerably long time creating these, specifically trying to get that round nebulae painted right so it also looks like the ‘eye’ of a butterfly wing. What’s that saying, art is making a thing and then forever trying to make a better version of that thing? Well I guess you can say I’m obsessed with the celestial theme and painting nebulae ;)
I’m also trying to get a set of hair accessories done to match this if I can find the missing supplies.
The wings alone are in the $575 range, with a digitally hand painted celestial pattern on the Satin White iridescent film, variegated metal leaf flourish designs embellishing the tips and edges and further decorated with a mix of Swarovski and other iridescent crystals. These are the new convertible style that can have the panels rotated into a resting position as well as detached for travel and storage.
I’ll update or add a new entry for the hair accessories if they get done. The sale will be tomorrow evening, Sunday Oct. 21 at 8pm PST.

The second set of super fancy fairy wings is the Fauna design digitally hand painted with a pastel / opal rainbow aura pattern and embellished with transparent AB Swarovski crystals.

The convertible Fauna Opal Pastel Rainbow fairy wings with Swarovski crystals alone will be roughly $475, but I’m also trying to make a matching set of winged hair accessories for these as well so watch for updates on that and possibly another wing set or two.
Apologies for not having more to offer for Halloween weekend. This month - and actually this year - things didn’t go quite as planned and we had a string of unfortunate events including a death this summer so I need to not stress about pushing out as many wings as possible this year. The huge knots in my back agree. And it seems most of my customers want wings for occasions other than Halloween thankfully!
Again, the shop link is here: https://fancy-fairy-wings-things.myshopify.com/