Elvina Sugarplum Fairy Wings Surprise Listing

Merry Christmas eve! The Elvina style as Sugarplum Fairy Wings will be available tonight at 7pm PST.

Surprise! These were intended to go into last night’s sale, but I ran into technical difficulties and did not finish them until this afternoon, as I went extra on the Swarovski crystals. I just couldn’t resist making them as fancy as could be. In fact, this set with all the different shades of plum, violet and blue would be my dream set if I could have them for my own, and I was tempted to keep them ;)


The Elvina design gets the extra fancy treatment with my digitally hand painted butterfly-esque pattern on the iridescent Lilac film, gilded with my original flourish design at the tips in amethyst colored metal foil, and further embellished with an assortment of Swarovski crystals! Veins are silver chrome.
These have a small blemish, a tiny spot where some foil got stuck on the back of the left upper panel so they will be priced just under what they would have been without that. The last photo shows the spot, thankfully it’s not super noticeable and it’s at least a shiny one.

The wingspan from tip to tip at the widest point measures roughly 41 inches wide.

You may want to take extra care with these, don't make them rough and tumble wings. The amethyst foil may be prone to scratching if anything sharp rubs it, and since applying a sealant would have changed the glossiness and contrast between the foil and the vinyl I prefer not to use that. Once you get them, you can try spraying a clear sealant but it's possible it might affect the foil color so be forewarned.
I’m actually including the little flowers that go onto the base joint since the ones I had matched this so perfectly.
They will be listed in the usual place in my Shopify store.

XL Trinket Convertible Fairy Wings on Sale Tonight!

Unfortunately the very ‘extra’ set of wings I’ve been working on couldn’t get finished in time to catch the remaining daylight for photos, so they are going to be a surprise listing tomorrow for Christmas Eve. Apologies for not having them in there tonight, technical difficulties and holiday stress got in the way.

I also somehow forgot to take a photo of the back with the wings up o.O But I think you get the picture, and now you can put them in a resting position as well as dis-assemble them for storage or travel.
Sale is happening in less than two hours, 9pm PST!
Shop link is here: https://fancy-fairy-wings-things.myshopify.com/

2 More Convertible Fairy Wings for Sunday's Sale!

The next two wings to be added to Sunday’s sale at 9pm PST, are the Nightshade in Patina green and the Ellette in Lilac. Like the last sale there will be two of each style available so that more of you get wings :) First, the Nightshade, in Patina with copper veining. This style has some holes and tatters for a worn woodland fairy look.

Then we have the Ellette convertible style, in iridescent Lilac with silver chrome veining, the perfect fairy godmother wings.

There will also be the Extra Large Trinket wings available, photos coming later or tomorrow, and possibly one more special fancy set. Remember, the shop link is: https://fancy-fairy-wings-things.myshopify.com/