2 More Convertible Fairy Wings for Saturday's Flash Sale!

Pumpkin spice and everything nice, that’s what this 1st set of wings are made of! Well, okay not really made of spice but they WOULD be perfect for a pumpkin spice fairy, were one in need of wings. Hand inked in an organic watercolor-like finish in rusty orange, cranberry and slight hints of green on the Rose Gold film with copper veining to give them the appearance of turning fall leaves.

The 2nd set in this post are on the cool side. The Datura convertible wings are made in iridescent Lilac with silver chrome veining, giving them an especially delicate and ethereal look.

I will also have a set of large Aphrodite and small Flora wings listed, with the old school U brace that does not have the convertible option to fold down like the new collection. I didn’t have time for photos but they will look just like these previously made wings in the photos below. The Aphrodite wings have the old gold frames, the small Flora wings have the double coated candy coat gold veining, and is a little paler than the old gold ones in the photo.

I know these sales have been pretty small, so again I’ll have the 2 wing per customer & 12 wings per year limit for the first half hour. After that, all limits are lifted.
The reason they’ve been small is that in addition to unexpected life stuff, I’ve also been researching and preparing for new and exciting techniques and items. I guess I’m forever trying to make things 20% cooler ;)
The sale starts at 12pm noon Pacific Standard Time tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 21. Remember, be there right on time and it supposedly helps if you are registered with my Shopify store as a customer.
Shop link is right HERE

Sintra Fairy Wings in Rose Gold, Flash Sale on Sat. 9/22 at 12pm PST

The Fauna wings posted Monday will be available along with these Sintra convertible fairy wings in Rose Gold with copper veining, this Saturday at noon Pacific Standard Time. I’ll have more to show you tomorrow, though it will be another small sale so again I’m going to limit each customer to no more than 2 wings for the first half hour.

In case you’re new here, the 2018 Ethereal collection of fairy wings are convertible. The panels attach to the brace via screws and nuts, to rotate the wing panels down to resting position you simply remove the bottom screws and loosen the upper one to allow the panels to swing down.

As for the Shop link, here you go! https://fancy-fairy-wings-things.myshopify.com/

Fauna Convertible Fairy Wings in Clear with Copper Veins

Another set of the new convertible Fauna fairy wings from the 2018 Ethereal Collection, this time in clear Diamond Fire with copper veining!

I have not yet set a date for this sale, so check back here in the next couple days, or sign up for the mailing list to make sure you get the latest updates. It will most likely be some day this week. If you are on a desktop computer browser, the signup widget will be on the right hand side. If you’re on a mobile phone, it will show up at the bottom of the page. That will also allow you to subscribe to this news blog.
If it’s after 3pm when entries are posted, I will send an email to the list with a link to here to make sure no one misses anything so don’t be confused if you see another email the next day with the same post, as that’s just how the auto blog updates are scheduled.

Just to clarify, these wings can be worn with straps just like the wings shown in the last sale post, I just photographed this set in the corset to show off that method of wearing as well - and to hide the stain on my dress dummy’s tummy!